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ANGRY SHEEP has reopened its doors as a full service food photography studio!

With ONE call & ONE contact, you access a lethally spicy combination of the most skillful food photographer, food stylists & crew in the business…with a studio to boot.

ANGRY SHEEP is now your one stop shop for Food Photography. We are an in-house herd with a combined nearly 50 years of experience: Food Photographer, Food Stylists, Producer & specialized Digital Techs.

Our goal: to rid the world of stale, tasteless imagery that leaves palettes dry & bellies bored. We bring flavor, zest, boldness, leaving your eyes wide with hunger and keyboard wet with drool.



Meet the most crucial of our Angry Sheep herd!  A true specialist in food photography: Gary Tardiff.

With 25 years experience working with the funkiest food products around,  Gary combines his old school methods with the latest in digital technology to create a fresh & flavorful perspective.  You can find Gary’s drool-enducing expertise at the newsstand, on the supermarket shelf & while dining at your favorite spot.  His attention to each scrumptious shot is balanced by a very laid-back energy & standup-like humor.

Now, eat these images up!  Don’t forget your napkin…

1.07.12 chicken Carmel_Cornbiscotti coffee IceCreamScoopLatteLemonadeDriedPasta BassOnSaltRoast_Garlic Tarts1


Check out our digs!

Not a bad life for a sheep:

*2800 sf with 13′ ceilings & fantastic natural light*  large format high res digital*  multiple calibrated computer systems *  in studio digital tech *  full kitchen *  additional cold storage *  large collection of props & surfaces *  private & public client space *  conference room *  wifi *  AC *  on street, no meter parking *  steps from public transit & only 10 min from logan airport *  fun stuff, like pool tables & delicious take out.

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